Lessons Learned

As the team worked on their project, they encountered a number of challenges. These were in many ways unexpected and here are some of our reflections and what was learnt along the way.

COVID disruption to Phase 1 of project:

  • Inability to meet face to face with children and young people to collect data for AI script
  • Team redeployment/pressure on services resulting in less time being dedicated to the project 

Challenges with AI feasibility / usability:

  • AI specialists were unable to provide matched contribution originally agreed.
  • Technology was unavailable to support ‘ideal’ components of the tool e.g Welsh language recognition, voice-activation, embedded media and graphics.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Learning from adapting the way we were working to collect data virtually via electronic questionnaire, focus groups and interviews via MS Teams, and literature reviews – difficulty with engagement.
  2. Scaling back project and adjusting timelines for delivery of phases to what was achievable.
  3. Adjusting to this and assessing the availability of other developers that would meet the needs of the project.
  4. Modifying and redesigning scope of the first version of the tool to be a proof of concept for further development.