Making Progress

We have been working on this project since October 2019 when we were told that we had been successful on the national Adopt and Spread Programme. The original plan on how adoption would take place was quickly put aside due to the pandemic as well as the need to carry out development work to adapt the innovation to our setting and context.

The project has made significant process recently following the challenges due to the pandemic, and has now reached a position to be able to draw Phase 1 to a close. This phase primarily focused on a lengthy data collection period in order to write and build the script for the tool. This was an inductive approach driven from the needs and voices of children and young people in relation to their experiences of procedural anxiety.

The next phase (Phase 2) has begun and will focus on the programming and development of the tool. We are also in the process of recruiting an Assistant Psychologist to be able to drive forward the testing, review and evaluation phases of the project.