Be Here, Be Clear

An approach to support parents to develop responsive interactions to support children with language development

The Be Here Be Clear approach can be applied by any early years practitioner working directly with families. This includes health visitors, speech and language therapists, child care practitioners and others in similar roles.

The families supported through Be Here, Be Clear receive four interactive sessions from the trained practitioner.


The minimum skills required to take part in the training is an introduction to motivational interviewing and ability to participate in a 2-day training programme.


Services interested in participating are invited to the Adult-Child Interaction training taking place in June 2021.

Why is this important?

The Be Here Be Clear intervention draws on the evidence-informed strengths-based and family-centred approach to supporting young children requiring additional support for speech and language development.

Providing support to families in a timely and effective way is key to ensuring that child development is not as affected and this is in turn empowers families who are conventionally considered as ‘hard to reach’. Providing support through Be Here, Be Clear supports the reduction in health inequities priority stated in most health and care policies in the UK.

Mother and child reading a book together
" It is estimated that 5 – 8% of young children may have difficulties with speech and/or language and a significant proportion will require support. Environmental factors including parent‐child and peer‐peer interaction and relationships play a role. "
See Cochrane Protocol