How it works

  1. Decide where it fits in the service provision. Review whether this is replacing an intervention already in place or a new one that supports care in a way that has not been delivered before.
  2. Identify the practitioners and the supervisors. Understand their current skill level and whether they have any prior training in motivational interviewing and other relevant areas.
  3. Train the practitioners. This can be through an internal trainer who has received training in adult-child interactions using the Be Here Be Clear approved training. They will first need to be trained in motivational interviewing before they complete the training for Be Here Be Clear.
  1. Start introducing the process changes when the training is booked. this includes the referral system, capacity to deliver (how many families), and the outcome measures.
  1. Deliver the service. Support the practitioners delivering the service over the first few referrals and make sure that the supervision time is available.
  2. Measure and evaluate. Bring the information together in useful formats for the service managers and commissioners to understand the impact that is being made and the feedback being received from the families.
  3. Happy days. Continue this approach until you find evidence to suggest a review should take place.