For adoption in specialist services and community settings.

Aim:  To support every person living with diabetes to reach their full potential to self-care and access professional care in a timely manner.

Diabetes Foot Health Engagement and Empowerment to Self-Care is a community-based multifaceted approach, providing information in multiple languages and supporting patients to reduce their risk of Diabetic Foot Disease (DFD).

Introducing STANCE, this is the name of the intervention and draws on work already completed at the Podiatry Department, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board as part of a Bevan Exemplar project.

STANCE increases peoples’ self-confidence to manage their own foot health and has demonstrated significant cost efficiencies and reduced service waiting times. The aim of the programme is to reduce the risk of DFD by increasing patients’ knowledge, confidence in self-care, foot-health engagement and access to help when needed.

 In 2019 the programme, lead by Angela Jones and Helen White, was awarded the AHA Welsh Governments’ Award for Prudent Healthcare.

Taking the innovation across Wales, STANCE is now reaching people across three Health Boards and is presenting their work as part of the national Adopt and Spread programme.