Results and impact

Measuring the impact of the STANCE information session is an important way to make sure the impact it has is optimised.  We use a STANCE patient-reported outcome measure or the standard EQ5D form.

TMR received feedback from the patients and saw that 50% of patients increased their knowledge and ability to identify a foot problem and their confidence to get help when needed. 72% said that they have changed their lifestyles.

Average percentage scores show that patients in Cardiff and Vale UHB Podiatry who took part in the programme are confident in their foot-self care and found the sessions to be of great benefit.
Average percentage scores that patients in Cardiff and Vale UHB Podiatry gave themselves before and after participating in the STANCE programme, showing large increases in confidence and knowledge surrounding foot health.

The results of the sessions were tremendous in terms of gaining knowledge on foot care. The patients could give peer support to each other as well as voice their concerns.​

The partnership between TMR, EPP and the Podiatry department was successful, and means to sustain the project are being investigated.