HD – My Story

Having IBS and being a foodie WAS a very difficult reality for me.  I loved cooking and eating out but when my symptoms suddenly spiralled out of control it left me feeling helpless, uncomfortable and wanting to avoid social events.

FODMAP seemed liked a foreign Language but after my first appointment with Debbie everything quickly became clear. Although the restrictive phase is daunting the results for me were worth the restrictions. After ruthlessly following FODMAP I am symptom free and beginning my exciting journey of reintroduction.

I shout about FODMAP to anyone that will listen and would highly recommend it to my fellow IBS suffers. Although some days can be tough you have to be strong and strict on yourself because the benefits are incredible. I never thought it was going to be possible to feel like me again but i have my confidence back and I’m back to living my best foodie….just with a few tweaks.

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