MD – My Story

Approximately three years ago I noticed that the number of times I needed to use the toilet for bowel movements was increasing and that the movements were becoming alarmingly loose and more like explosions than a normal movement.  This became steadily worse and I found myself almost ‘confined to barracks’ as I never knew when I would need a toilet and, indeed, if I could actually make it to a  toilet without having an embarrassing accident.  Needless to say life became very wearing and the long family walks and other outdoor activities became less and less.

At the beginning of this year I realised that I had to ‘bite the bullet’ and seek some professional help for what I thought was a waste of the doctor’s time.  Dr. **** could not have been more understanding for what could have been a very embarrassing and awkward discussion about my bowel movements.  He helped me to realise that, contrary to my ideas, IBS can be quite a serious and very debilitating problem and recommended me to you, the Practice dietician.

During our initial meeting, I was nervous, curious and, quite frankly, somewhat terrified as I had no idea what to expect.  You made me feel so at ease, explained everything so simply and put my fears to rest.  I was totally amazed at the things I could and could not eat. All the time I thought I was eating healthily, only to discover that the majority of my ‘healthy eating’ foods were actually doing me harm.  You gave me a plan to follow for the next few weeks, to which I stuck religiously as I knew what the consequences would be if I strayed.

WOW!!  That’s all I can say.  I would never in my wildest dreams have dreamt what a difference a few weeks could make.  Just a few simple and easy alterations to my eating habits has given me back my life.  I felt so silly when I was talking to you and started to cry, but I just could not believe it possible to have a normal life again – the long walks and ‘bike rides have returned without the need to plan the toilet stops every other mile.  These days when it’s time to leave the house for whatever reason I can do so immediately and not plan the departure an hour previously in order to include numerous visits to the old ‘ty bach’. 

I cannot thank you enough for what has definitely been a life changer for me.  My family have said that I’m back to normal, whatever that may be, and that they can actually see a difference in my whole demeanour since I’ve been on the new regime of eating.  I have had only one really bad episode since our first encounter and it was totally self-inflicted.  From now on, sausages are a definite no, no – no matter how delicious they are – as I really suffered later!

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