Our Aim: Cluster Safeguarding Groups in every Health Board

Tested as part of the Bevan Exemplar Programme and being adopted across Wales.

Victims often say ‘I wish someone had asked…’

Primary care has a key role to play in protecting vulnerable adults and children in society. We are in a unique position to recognise victims of domestic abuse, children at risk of harm or the vulnerable elderly, because these people come into our surgeries, we know them and they are more likely to trust us. If we recognise problems, then we can signpost people to help & support & potentially change lives. This will benefit society as a whole, and help to address health inequalities.  The impact of Covid1-9 has exacerbated many safeguarding issues, so recognition and support are more vital than ever.

The evidence of the lifelong damaging effect of adverse childhood experiences or the emotional & economic impact of domestic abuse is clear and compelling. Our aging population means older patients are increasingly vulnerable. Our group aims to prevent harm through early intervention and promoting well-being in patient populations.

With the Cluster-based safeguarding peer support group, 100% of our evaluation respondents reported increased confidence and said that they were more aware of safeguarding issues and more proactive in their management of them.

Join us and the six Cluster Safeguarding Leads working together.

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Listen to Rowena Christmas talking about the Cluster Safeguarding Groups in 2019